The two honeymoon mishaps

Saying that our New Zealand honeymoon was fantastic is an understatement. We drove around both islands. We met a lot of nice people. We saw a lot of wildlife. We went on some great hikes. We explored varying landscapes. We ate some great food. We did a lot. When we returned home and friends and… Continue reading The two honeymoon mishaps

New Zealand ferry ride
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The New Zealand ferry experience

As we boarded the ferry, I couldn't believe how gigantic it was. We drove our rental car onto the boat and just kept driving, and driving and driving! Up a ramp we went as we followed the cars in front of us. Finally we arrived at a point where a ferry worker was guiding cars… Continue reading The New Zealand ferry experience

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Where we stayed: Welcome to my tiny house

I'll be honest. My husband and I didn't book everywhere we were staying before we arrived in New Zealand. We had planned out where we would go, which included what cities and towns we'd be staying in and which routes to drive. But, we really only booked out the first week of the two-and-a-half weeks.… Continue reading Where we stayed: Welcome to my tiny house


Spring time: Cherry blossoms and avoiding crowds

It's full-blown sakura / cherry blossom season here in Seattle, as it is in Japan and other places that have cherry blossoms. We've had quite a few sunny days in the last week, which have made the white and light pink flowers even prettier with all the light. Every Seattleite — and visiting guests —… Continue reading Spring time: Cherry blossoms and avoiding crowds

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Where we stayed: Not a farmer, but I like the countryside

The #1 question people asked me when they heard I was going to honeymoon in New Zealand was "Are you going to Hobbiton?" or some iteration to asking if I was planning to visit where Lord of the Rings was filmed. If you know me at all, or have kept up with this blog, you… Continue reading Where we stayed: Not a farmer, but I like the countryside

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Will travel for matcha

If I had to pick my favorite food, it would be cheese, closely followed by matcha parfaits. Although, I really love anything matcha. Matcha tea. Matcha lattes. Matcha pound cake. Matcha roll cake. Matcha cookies. Matcha mochi. You get the idea. It's hard to find good matcha though. I am in no means a matcha… Continue reading Will travel for matcha