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Where we stayed: Welcome to my tiny house

I’ll be honest. My husband and I didn’t book everywhere we were staying before we arrived in New Zealand. We had planned out where we would go, which included what cities and towns we’d be staying in and which routes to drive. But, we really only booked out the first week of the two-and-a-half weeks.

The tiny house in Kakanui is one that we booked while we were still home in Seattle.

I knew for sure that even if our itinerary changed, that we would still stay in this specific house.

What was so special about this house?


It overlooked the ocean so you got a full view of the beautiful water. It was quiet and peaceful. You couldn’t actually access the beach from where we stayed but it honestly didn’t matter.

At night we stargazed into the most darkest sky I have seen. (Living in a big city, I am always surrounded by lights). Bryce geeked out on showing me how the constellations were “upside down” from what we are used to seeing back home in Seattle. We also saw the large and small Magellanic clouds, which you’re unable to see in the Northern Hemisphere, or at least not in Seattle. I guess I had my own little private astronomy lesson in Kakanui!

In the morning, we were able to watch the sunrise from our bed. It’s kind of funny because for more than a year+ we have had “Watch sunrise” as a line item on our fridge white board that serves as a to-do list. We finally were able to do it in the most picturesque and serene place possible! (And, yes, after watching the sun fully rise above the horizon where the ocean met the sky, we went back to sleep. It was 6 am and we were on our honeymoon after all!)

None of my sunrise photos do it justice so just imagine the most wonderful sunrise you have ever seen!

The tiny home itself

You came here to read more about the actual house? What was it like, you say?

It was newly built and cozy. There was a small kitchen equipped with a sink, stove and basic kitchen appliances and tools. Honestly, I think there was more countertop space in this tiny house than in our apartment’s small kitchen back home! We took advantage of having a kitchen and Bryce cooked us dinner and breakfast while there.

Staying in this house, I could see how some people would want to live a minimalist lifestyle by getting rid of most of their belongings and residing in a place like this.

I enjoyed it for a short getaway but I do not think I would be able to embrace this lifestyle. I like my stuff too much. Bryce and I have two full bookshelves, with lots of books that do not even fit on the shelves … what would we do with all of our books if we lived in a tiny house? I guess tiny house dwellers must only read library books!

Oh, there was also a friendly cat and neighboring cows and a horse, so, what more could you ask for?


If it weren’t for this Airbnb listing, we would not have stayed in Kakanui. You’ll notice that this will turn into a trend with the places I decide we stay at.

Have you stayed in a tiny house before? Would you want to live in one?


This is the second post of the “Where we stayed” series where I share the best of the best (in my opinion) of where we stayed in New Zealand. AKA really good Airbnb finds because of the hospitality, atmosphere, surrounding views and/or other attributes! Note: I am in no way affiliated with Airbnb or am getting paid by the company. I merely had fantastic stays in many Kiwi homes!


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