About me

IMG_8189I like otters. I like to travel. I’m a 30-something-year-old who does not get to see otters or travel as much as she would like to.

So, welcome to otter travel more.

Unlike other travel blogs, I won’t give you top 10 lists of activities to do in specific cities or countries. There are so many more reputable resources for that.

I’m here to share my travel stories. After all, I’m a former journalist turned clinical researcher turned digital project manager/content strategist who enjoys meeting new people, trying new foods and visiting new places.

I may tell you about that time I got locked in a furniture display room in Bangkok. Or, being a vegetarian and accidentally eating meat in Madrid because I didn’t know what foie gras was. (Yes, both of these are true events that I’m sure I will share in detail with you later on.)

Where do my travels take me? A lot of it has been visiting the fantastic places my family and friends live. I’ve been to about a dozen countries, many of them being in Europe and Asia. To see my full list of places I’ve been, view here

My home is in Seattle — yes, there’s a lot of gray and a lot of rain! — and in addition to otters and travel, I enjoy running, the outdoors and anything matcha. Recurring characters you will hear (probably often) on this blog are my spouse, baby and shiba inu. 

Feel free to tag along in my search for otters and new travel experiences! Thanks for stopping by.