Places I’ve been

Lanikai Pillboxes, Oahu
Lanikai Pillboxes, Oahu

In alphabetical order, here are the places I have visited. “Places I’ve been” do not include layover-only experiences.

  • Belgium: Brussels and Bruges
  • Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Kep
    • Lived in Phnom Penh working at the now shuttered Cambodia Daily for a summer right after I graduated from college.
  • Canada: British Columbia and Montreal
    • Living in Seattle, Vancouver, BC is just a “quick” two-hour drive north. Been many times, love it.
  • China: Beijing
  • Colombia: Cali
    • My husband has family here and I visited for the first time in December 2018
  • England: London
  • France: Paris
  • Italy: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Vatican City
  • Japan: Kamakura, Tokyo and surrounding areas, Kyoto, Iwakuni and Hiroshima.
    • I have family in Japan so I have been too many times to count but always enjoy visiting and eating my way through Kamakura where my grandma lives.
  • Mexico: Mexico City, Taxco de Alarcon and Acapulco
  • New Zealand: Road tripped around both the North and South islands for our honeymoon for nearly three weeks in January/February 2019. New Zealand definitely has a piece of my heart and I’ll be writing about the trip a lot in the coming weeks (or, months!)
  • Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and La Coruña
    • Been twice; once to visit a friend in La Coruña and a second time to Barcelona on my own.
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • United States: all over in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii (Oahu and Big Island)
    • Other highlights include NYC, Boston, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Washington DC and parts of Alaska.
  • Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City