An impromptu urban excursion

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a planner.

I actually use a paper planner and I like always knowing my schedule so I know what to expect. I hate surprises.

On Sundays, Bryce and I figure out what we will be making for dinner during the week so that we can buy all of our groceries accordingly. (I’ve essentially been doing “meal planning” before it was a popular concept and Instagram hashtag!)

I like to schedule out and plan my weekends. When people say “maybe we can hang out this weekend,” that doesn’t really fly for me. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable because then I can’t plan the rest of the weekend. Like, how do I plan when I am going to run or workout and thus when to shower? Or, knowing when I should plan to do laundry, which takes some coordination and time when you don’t have a washer and dryer in unit.

Having said all of this, i’s pretty surprising that the other Saturday, I had an impromptu urban excursion.

I had just finished a workshop and was heading to my car to go home when I saw a text from Phyllis that said her weekend plans had fallen by the wayside since she was called in to cover a night shift at work.


I happened to be in her neighborhood so I asked her if she wanted to go on a walk. We ended up going on a 5+ mile walk around the Central District and Capitol Hill as we made stops for lunch, ice cream, window shopping and looking at cherry blossom trees!

For being a lifelong Seattleite, there are some neighborhoods, like Capitol Hill where I just don’t spend much time in. (Mostly, because it’s hard to find parking in these neighborhoods, like Cap Hill!)


What was fun about this outing was that I got to see and experience several new things. The taco place she introduced me to? New to me! The ice cream place? Well, not completely new to me, but I had never been to the specific location we went to.

It was the perfect temperature for a walk, too. Sunny so I didn’t need a jacket, yet not hot. There was a slight breeze. And, it was beautiful seeing all the cherry blossoms and other flowers in bloom.


Hopefully this impromptu city excursion made up for Phyllis’ ruined evening plans.

And, I’ll still stay true to being a planner โ€” I need order! I need structure! โ€” but, I gotta say … spontaneous outings can be pretty fun!

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