Good-bye summer, hello fall.

I’m a little annoyed with summer. I feel like it didn’t give us a proper good-bye here, in Seattle.

Summer just sort of ghosted, like an Irish good-bye. (You know, when you sneak out of a party without saying “bye” to anyone).

It’s not uncommon for September to be the best month in terms of summer weather in Seattle.

This was not the case this year.

After Labor Day weekend, we had a few sunny or OK-ish days, but then it was rain, a lightning storm and numerous overcast days.

If I had known that summer was going to make a quick exit before summer was officially over, I would have tried to get one last summer hike in, or one last sunset on the beach.

I guess I’ll just have to hope that we have decent weather during fall. I don’t have any trips — as of now — planned so I’ll most likely be sticking close to home.

Summer 2019 was great though. I have no complaints. Summer, thanks for all of the adventures.

Fall, don’t let me down!

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