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Project managing my summer

One of my friends and I always joke that we PM at work and have to PM in our personal lives as well.

PM = project manage

Being this way has its perks though. My summer has been pretty busy, but it has also been extremely fun — because of all the plans I made in advance.

I booked two camping trips back in March and April for July and August. I went on a few hikes. I had a few friends who were back home for the summer so I got to spend time with them. A lot of my summer was also preoccupied with training for a half-marathon.

It’s not uncommon for a season to end and I think to myself that I didn’t “do enough,” or that I didn’t do everything that I wanted to do.

While I’m sad to see this summer come to a close, I am pretty satisfied with how I spent my time and the people I spent it with. Everyone here in Seattle is already wearing their warm sweaters and drinking their pumpkin spiced lattes, but I’m holding out hope for a few more sunny days in September! Summer isn’t officially over until September 23! (But, I don’t blame them, it rained pretty hard yesterday and the night before that, we had a huge lightening storm).

Anyway, if I must be self-critical and realistic, there could be room for improvement on how I spend my time. I should make more time to read. Despite always acquiring books and buying books to read, I never “get around to it.” Reading books seems like a quality fall activity to do though, right?

The last four weekends I have been out of town for various trips and excursions, so it’ll be nice to be at home for the foreseeable future and “have time” to read.

Maybe I need to create a reading spreadsheet to hold myself accountable.

Or, I’ll just enjoy the last bits of summer.


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