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Packing woes

There are two things I obsessively check the weather for: an upcoming marathon and upcoming travels.

They are kind of one in the same. I usually start checking two weeks prior to my departure, which I know is too early since weather patterns can obviously change that far out.

But, I must know what conditions I am up against when I am going to be running 26.2 miles! And, similarly, I need to know if it will be hot or cold, or rainy or sunny when I am visiting a new destination!

The hardest trip to pack for?

One where the weather will be unpredictable and you aren’t sure of your exact plans.

I currently have everything from a Gortex rain jacket and a light wind breaker to shorts and tank tops packed in my suitcase for an upcoming trip. You can never be over-prepared, right?

Packing is also one of those tasks that seems like it shouldn’t take too long, but then you are up past midnight the night before your departure — packing.

I’ve had a lot of minimal sleep nights due to packing.

Do you have any packing tips? Do you obsessively plan what you are going to bring, or toss some items into your backpack last minute?

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