The Butte, Palmer, Alaska

The Butte

I’ve been a long-distance runner for more than 10 years. Whenever I meet someone new and they learn that I run marathons, it’s not uncommon for them to respond with something like, “I could never do that!”

I disagree. You have to have just as much mental toughness and physical toughness when it comes to running. Anyone that wants to run, can run.

However, the past few years I have been injured on and off from running and I start to re-think how I see running. Maybe everyone can’t run marathons., or even run. Maybe some of us just aren’t meant to be pounding the pavement day in and day out. (Can you tell that running and I are having some troubles at the moment?)

But, I do believe that hiking is an activity that more people can become involved in.

A quick jaunt

I’ve been to Alaska four times now and every time I go, I look forward to the hiking. This recent visit at the beginning of the month was no different.

Bryce and I decided to hike the Bodenburg Butte — which all the locals just call the Butte — before a family BBQ later that day. This hike is great because it’s near Palmer, so it is easily accessible. It’s about 3 miles round trip and, as all hikes, you go at your own pace.

We saw everyone from groups of teenagers to an elderly woman with her adult daughter, as well as a couple with their young children.

It’s always fun to see so many different people enjoying the outdoors.

The Butte, Alaska

We clipped our way to the top and made it in about 30 minutes. It was super windy so we didn’t spend too much time at the top, but were rewarded with views of the Matanuska Valley.

The surprisingly nice thing about this hike was that it was not crowded. Maybe it was because the weather wasn’t great but back home in Seattle, an easy/moderate hike like this that is close to town would have been packed with crowds.

Where do you enjoy hiking? Do you have a favorite hike near your home?

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