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A spontaneous trip to … somewhere …

Does anyone do spontaneous trips anymore? Getting in the car and driving anywhere can be fun, but I’m talking more like buying a plane ticket day-of and flying somewhere with no plans or itinerary.

I feel like back in the day it was more common. People would just show up at the airport and energetically exclaim, “Give me the next ticket out of here!”

Now if you did that, well, for one, you’d probably be greeted by a machine/kiosk and not a human being. But, also, isn’t last minute air travel super expensive? Also, wouldn’t you be flagged as a potential threat?

My husband and I had this fun idea that we’d take one spontaneous trip a year — starting this year. We didn’t really outline what “spontaneous trip” meant but I was always under the impression that it meant flying to a destination.

We are three months out from the end of the year and so far we have no plans for this trip. And, yes, I understand that one can’t plan their impromptu trip … but, I’m a planner!

We did spontaneously go up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park earlier this month. But, it’s not like we woke up one weekend and decided to drive from our home in Seattle to Hurricane Ridge, which is a little over a 3-hour trek if you have no traffic and time the ferry ride perfectly. (We were already in the area for a pre-planned event).

OK, I’m going to go back to scouting flight options for several months out, and dream of this elusive spontaneous trip.

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