Pacific Northwest, traveling with baby

This looks familiar

A few years ago if you had asked me what my “travel goals” were, it would be going to new cities and/or countries. I’m not one of those people who has any desire to visit all the countries in the world. (Let’s be real, that would be cool, but that also would take a lot of time and money.) Now it’s more along the lines of getting out of my neighborhood. I’m sure many fellow parents with an under 5-year-old during this pandemic can relate.

A few years ago I would have been planning a very detailed itinerary for travels abroad. If not abroad, it would be taking advantage of a three-day weekend flying somewhere within the US to explore a new city or visit a National Park I had never been to before. Each day would have been packed with everything. I don’t take vacations to relax. I would try to do a lot, eat a lot, walk a lot and see a lot.

I have not been on an airplane in two years. I’m pretty sure my TSA pre-check status expired a few months ago but I didn’t bother to renew since I’m not currently flying anywhere.

So, where does that leave traveling?

Turns out, you can travel without getting on a plane!

The main reason we returned to the Oregon Coast last month is because we enjoyed our time there the year prior. We know what to expect. We know how long it takes to drive there. We even had a few pit stops already picked out.

This is all very helpful when you have a baby.

Once we were in Florence, Oregon, we even went to a few of the same beaches and hike spots. In the past, this would have felt a bit boring to me. But, I appreciate knowing what to expect with a baby in tow now.

Our pup loves all beaches!

One of our adventures took us back to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Last time when we were here with just our pup, we hiked roundtrip a few hours to the beach and then explored the beach and sand dunes. We knew there is also a lagoon with boardwalk and trails — we actually walked this part last time, too — so we intended to do this instead of the long hike to the beach.

With all the rain, the lagoon-area was pretty swampy with large sections of the trail washed out. We didn’t stay there long until we turned back and decided to just walk around some of the nearby campsites. The campsites here were closed for the winter season so no one was around. We quickly found this area to be boring with nothing to really see.

Bryce had the idea to walk the main road to the beach. We knew walking the trail to the beach would have been too difficult this time with the baby so taking the more direct path of the road would be faster to get us to the beach. Plus, since it was the off-season, hardly anyone was around. We saw just one car drive by.

Enjoying the beach with no one else in sight.

Once we arrived to the parking lot to the beach access, the rain had stopped. The baby had fallen asleep so she didn’t get to see the beach. (Oh well, she was able to see the beach multiple times on this trip.)

I was glad we were able to make it the beach, that we had entirely to ourselves. (I even had to push the baby in her stroller up a huge sand dune for us to get to the beach!) The pup played in sea foam and sniffed around the sand dunes.

I have a feeling this wasn’t our last time at the Oregon sand dunes. Next time we are here, the pup will have a little human running after her as well!

2 thoughts on “This looks familiar”

  1. Woha, simply mind blowing scenes Kristin!

    Looks like an ideal place to explore, looking at all of these stunning sceneries.

    This brings back memories on an expedition I took part in the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka in South Asia.

    I set out on a journey to explore the longest river of Sri Lanka; River Mahaweli with a group of kayakers paddling for 3 long days.

    And trust me when I say this, it was ‘heaven on earth” from lush greeneries to all the flora and fauna simply captivated me. Read the full story here,


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