Pacific Northwest, traveling with baby

Torrential rain won’t stop us

She stared at us from inside her presumably heated car as we walked by in rain gear and a rain cover over the baby’s stroller. Saying it was pouring rain would have been an understatement.

It was dumping buckets sideways.

We had just parked in the lot for the Heceta Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon. It was mid-December so we weren’t expecting clear skies and sunshine during our week-long vacation on the Oregon Coast. We weren’t expecting torrential rain either — but we were prepared. After all, I was born and raised in Seattle. Bryce is from Alaska. Our baby will learn to love being outdoors in all weather!

As this stranger probably thought it was absurd for us to be walking around (with a baby) in these weather conditions, we were looking out towards the beach and thought it was bonkers for two people to be walking into the ocean with no shoes! One of them was even wearing shorts!

It’s about a one-mile trek up to the lighthouse and back so we knew it wouldn’t take us too much time. The year before, we also spent time in Florence for a week and hiked to this lighthouse from the opposite direction. So, if you want to make a longer hike of going to the Heceta Lighthouse, there are definitely options! (Look up the Hobbit Trail!)

The positive thing about exploring when the weather conditions aren’t what the majority would consider “good” is that you usually can avoid crowds. We walked by only one family and one couple on our way up to the lighthouse. And at the top, there was one family there but they were headed back down. For once you don’t have to worry about strangers being in the background of your perfect pictures!

Heceta Lighthouse with a wet and happy pup.

Yes, it was really rainy. Yes, it was super windy at the top. Yes, my (naked) dog didn’t care. Yes, my baby didn’t care as she was dressed in multiple layers and was completely shielded by the rain. Halfway up, she even fell asleep so I suppose the sound of the waves crashing and the rain coming down was just peaceful background noise. (Note to self: download sounds of rainstorms at the beach for baby to listen to at home when she refuses to nap.)

What do you do when the weather is bad on your vacation? Do you proceed with your itinerary or do you just hunker down at your Airbnb or hotel?

I am obviously for the former. The whole point of this Oregon Coast trip was to spend time outdoors on the coast! There’s nothing some rain gear and a good attitude can’t handle.

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