A neighborhood adventure

My weekend plans are usually the same: Not much, maybe go on a hike/walk with the family.

Yesterday I felt really tired, despite getting a good amount of sleep the night before. In the afternoon, we decided to go on a walk in the neighborhood with the baby and pup. Usually when we go on walks, we have our typical loop in the neighborhood we do. (If you have a dog, you also quickly form varying routes with very “unique” names. We have the morning loop, the U, the hill, the neighborhood loop, the afternoon loop.) On the weekends, sometimes we may go a bit further to a nearby park.

As we were getting ready, Bryce suggested we go walk up to the nearby coffee shop. Well, maybe I should say “nearby” coffee shop. It’s 1.5 miles away but all up hill — like a steep hill.

From going on a “normal” walk around the neighborhood to now a special stop to a coffee shop, it felt a little more exciting! We were “doing” something. I pushed the baby all the way up the steeeeep, winding hill in the pouring rain. (Yes, it started raining just as we were leaving the house but we were determined to stick to our plan.)

Even though I waited outside the coffee shop with the baby and pup, it was still nice to go somewhere different than normal. I’m not big on raisins but the oatmeal raisin cookie that Bryce got for me tasted really good, too!

On the walk back home, the baby fell asleep. The pup was all smiles.

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