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Spring bunny sightings

“Where’s Todd?” I asked Bryce as we turned a street corner on our evening walk the other day.

You’d think I was talking about a person, but I was not.

I’ve named this one “toddler-sized” bunny as “Todd.” This is what quarantine has come down to. I see the (alleged) same bunnies in the same spots every day that I have named them.

baby bunny

The other bunny I have named is just “baby bun” because it is, uh, a very small baby. We have seen this bunny in the same area seven or eight times spanning maybe two weeks now! S/he/they are always munching on grass as if it’s his/her/their last meal!

Aren’t bunnies just the cutest?

Last year I wrote about how the bunnies in Seattle were suddenly everywhere. I guess they all survived the winter and are here again! Or, their babies, or even bunny grand-babies are all over our neighborhood now.

Bryce and I walk the same route every evening. At first there was one main spot we’d look for bunny friends. It’s a strip of grass and a neighborhood garden patch along a dead end street.


Now after two months of “bunny walks” during quarantine, we have three spots we always check because there are usually bunnies there. There’s even one street I just call “bunny lane” because there are always a handful of rabbits scattered throughout various front yards.

What’s especially fun is spotting bunnies in a yard, patch of grass or side of the road that we have never seen one before. Or, when we see them do something that we haven’t seen before. Did you know that rabbits will break off a blade of grass or the stem of a dandelion and just chomp away at it until they’ve eaten the entire thing? Or, that when they are playing, they can roll over like a dog does? (Both of these things I recently witnessed and they were both quite amusing!)

I started a bunny tally in the middle of April to keep track of all of these bunny sightings. I haven’t calculated it, but I’ll let you know the final count once this is all over.

Although, I suppose bunny walks may just be something we continue doing after quarantine is over.

How many bunnies have you seen today?

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