Seattle rabbits
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Where the bunnies are

There has been an influx of rabbits in the city of Seattle.

Even our local paper wrote up about this bunny boom.

I see the occasional one or two in my neighborhood, but not super often. My parents, who live in Seattle as well, always have visiting rabbits. In fact, my dad had to put a little fence around his vegetable garden because the rabbits were eating them all! It’s the first time he has had to do this.

It’s kind of nice having this “wildlife” in the city though.

I don’t know what about seeing a rabbit in a park while I’m running or along the street while I’m driving makes me happy. Maybe it’s because of some inner connection because I was born in the year of the rabbit? Probably not.

Seattle rabbits

There’s a park nearby that always has a ton of rabbits scampering about. They are either along the side of the road or hiding in the bushes. Often times, they are also out in the middle of the grassy field, just eating.

Bryce and I have gone to this park more than once just to “say hi” to the rabbits. One week we went two evenings in a row and I was tickled to find the same two rabbits sitting in the exact same spot that we saw them the day before!

How did I know they were the same rabbits?

Well, I obviously do not know for sure but they were the same size and the exact same colors! (Oh, yeah, that’s another thing about these “wild rabbits” — some of them do not look like the typical grey rabbits you’d expect to find in the wild. Many of the rabbits we see in this park are black, or light brown, or even white. They probably were once pets that were released. Sad. At least they’ve found friends?)

Maybe these bunny sighting will eventually lose their charm and appeal. Or, animal control will come and kill them off. That’s what happened when I was in high school. There were lots of rabbits everywhere and it became a problem so the city “got rid of them.”

For now, I’m enjoying seeing them hopping around and enjoying the summer.

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