staying home

Judging everyone, and being judged — while social distancing

… and we were social distancing!

You know what I’m talking about.

You’re having a conversation with your best friend and you talk about how you visited your parents and you add, “We chatted through the window!” It’s not that you doubt that your friend would actually think you had set foot in your parents’ house, but you need to say this just to cover all bases.

Neighbors, friends, families and coworkers — everyone is a little on edge.

Socially distanced picnics, walks, get-togethers. People are either getting creative or hovering over the line between what is “legal” and what is against the rules. Friendly reminder that just because you say you are having a “social distancing” dinner party at your house, if your city/state is still banning people from different households to gather, it doesn’t make it right.

Everyone wants you to know that they are at least being cognizant.

I often see social media posts where people are posting old travel photos or of fun times with friends or family. The captions most often than not have some type of disclaimer stating that the photo was taken wayyy before covid ever happened. Because they know what the covid citizen‘s first thought would be.

A few weeks ago while on a walk, I ended up running into an old friend. I had forgotten that her parents lived near me. She was talking to her mom in her parents’ driveway. I stayed on the sidewalk and said “hello.” My friend introduced me to her mom — we did this all from yelling a good 40-50 feet apart. (I’m not great with estimating but we were pretty far from one another).

After introductions were done and my friend told her mom how we knew each other, her mom tells me that my friend had just stopped by to drop off groceries and “we’re just chatting while standing more than six feet apart!”

Even a person I had met for the very first time felt the need to explain to me that she and her daughter were mindful of social distancing rules. Do I come off as that judgmental??

I guess it’s now judge or be judged for your social distancing etiquette or lack thereof.


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