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The covid citizens

It’s not uncommon for Bryce and I to be out on a walk in our neighborhood and when a car whizzes by us, one of us mutters — or sometimes yells, depending on our mood — “Where do you think you’re going?” or, “You better be making an essential grocery trip!”

If we are really in a mood, we’ll yell, “Show me your papers!” as if we are the neighborhood patrol.

It’s frustrating to see or hear about others who are not doing their collective part when we are staying home. We see neighbors who have friends over at their house. It’s obvious when there is the extra car (or, two and even three!) out front and multiple people in plain sight in the living room. (Yes, we are at the point of quarantine where we have memorized the number of cars all the people on our street own).  I see video on Instagram of college kids lining the Montlake cut ready to go for a swim together. (And, I’m talking they are shoulder-to-shoulder and probably span close to thirty people … at least in the shot I saw!)

I had one friend text me, “You’ll be the only friend I have after all this!” referencing all the other people she saw on social media that are already hanging out together now that the weather is nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends and family. I am a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert. I like being around other people but I never want to be the center of attention. I don’t care for small talk with strangers but enjoy meaningful conversations with the meaningful people in my life. I also cherish my alone time, something that I never had enough of pre-covid since I would always tend to pack my social calendar.

And, I realize that quarantining has been way more difficult for others than it has been for me. I am not alone at home. I do not have to worry about working from home while also caring for a child or another human. I have a job I am able to fully do at home.

But, for those who can stay home, can we all work a little harder to do so? We really don’t want to see a second wave hit hard, right?

Right. OK, good talk.

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