staying home

A quarantined mother’s day

A week ago, my mom texted my brother and I and told us not to get her any gifts for Mother’s Day. “We need to save, and not be spending money!” she ended the text messaged with.

My brother replied: We already got you a gift.

Selfless, and often times stubborn — that’s my mom.

She will go out of her way to do things for others, even if it means inconveniencing herself. That’s just the way she operates.

Last week I wrote about how she is having difficulty quarantining and staying put. I meant it all out of love.

After all, I have been the lucky recipient of my mother’s many grocery trips. She found tofu for me when my local grocery store was out of it for weeks on end. She found flour for me — something that my local store still does not have in stock for more than a month now!

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I are cooking dinner for her (and my dad). Don’t worry, we are cooking at our own homes and plan to drop the pieced-together meal off at my parents’ house tonight.

My mom insisted that she go grocery shopping for all the ingredients for her own dinner. I’m not kidding, she dropped everything off on my doorstep Friday afternoon as if she was an Instacart worker.

You just can’t say “no” to her. This is just how she rolls. I am forever grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day, to my mom and all the mothers and mom-like figures out in the world. I know this holiday, as well as so many other holidays, celebrations and festivities look differently this year.

But, the sentiment is the same: we love you.


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