Kamakura, Japan
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From chaos and disorder to chaos — and needing to plan your travels

I just moved — not very far at all — but any time you have to physically pack up all your belongings and move them to a new residence, it always ends up taking more time than you initially expected.

This was no different. It took a lot of time.

But, there were also some unforeseen, um, issues, that derailed the move timeline. I’m too exhausted to go into details.

Long story short, I’m leaving the country in 10 days and do not have travel plans in order at all. Maybe 10 days seems like a lot of time, but remember that during this week-and-a-half, I also have a job, unpacking and spending time with relatives who are coming into town for Christmas. (There are just too many responsibilities and too much fun stuff happening at once!)

I’m no stranger to Japan, I’ve been more times than I can keep track of. However, since we will have some more time on this trip, Bryce and I were thinking of traveling a bit further south from where my grandma lives to explore places like Kyoto and Osaka. (I’ve been once or twice as a kid, but he hasn’t been in that area of Japan before).

Well, Kyoto and/or Osaka, see you potentially very soon!

I guess a nine-hour plan ride can be used for planning a trip, right?

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