Home for the holidays, and feeling rushed

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and there are so many “holiday things” I haven’t had a chance to do this season. I didn’t run through Candy Cane Lane all lit up. I didn’t go downtown. I didn’t even take a walk in my neighborhood at night to rate all the Christmas lights! And, as much as I hate trying to find parking at U-Village, an upscale outdoor shopping center, I didn’t spend any time window shopping or getting a free cup of hot cider from their visitor kiosk.

What I’m most sad about: I didn’t participate in any food drives or “giving trees.” Typically, I grab a tag or two from the tree at U-Village but since I didn’t have a chance to go, that didn’t happen. (Mark my words, next Christmas I am donating four gifts to children in need!)

Despite not having time to do these “typical” holiday activities I enjoy and love, I have done a lot these past few weeks.

I moved.

I was able to spend quality time with childhood friends who are home for the holidays. (Yes, I am still very much in touch with friends I have had from elementary, middle and high school!)

My parents hosted a big family dinner and invited “long lost” relatives that we recently learned of and made acquaintance with a few months ago. It’s a long story but they live about an hour or so away from Seattle!

Do the holidays always feel rushed to you? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? Every year, I say I’m going to “start Christmas” earlier … next year, I really mean it.

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