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Deciding to stay home — and being extremely happy about it!

It was a typical night in our household. We were scanning Google flights seeing where the cheapest flights to anywhere were in the coming months.

This is what normal couples do on a Wednesday night, right?

We were trying to decide where we wanted to go for the three-day weekend in November. One idea was doing a little road trip in the Southwest and going to a national park or two. Another idea — the one we were leaning towards due to easier logistics and being less expensive — was going to Juneau.

But, then our plan — well, idea for a plan — changed.

We decided to stay put. We were not going to go away for the long weekend, despite long weekends being the perfect weekend for a quick getaway. We were going to stay home.

Because, we learned that the MLS Cup Final would be the Sunday of the weekend we had planned to go on a trip.

Was it crazy to stay put when playoffs had not even started yet? Yes, probably.

But, we had hope. (We are Sounders season ticket holders after all!) We were ready for our Seattle Sounders to go to the big show — and that the game would finally at home.


Despite the doubts of many others, our Sounders are going to the MLS Cup Final — and, we get to host! The game is this Sunday!

Don’t get me wrong. Last week before we knew who our opponent would be, which would determine where the final match would be played, I did search for flights to Atlanta … in case we had to play them.

But, it all worked out.

I’ve never been so happy to stay home before! Go Sounders!

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