Heybrook Ridge, Central Cascades
Pacific Northwest

A short and sweet hike

Sometimes it’s hard to balance getting tasks checked off of your to-do list and doing “fun things.” Fun things for Bryce and I on the weekends usually involve being outdoors.

Last Sunday we decided to have the best of both worlds by waking up early and going on a short hike about an hour away in the Central Cascades. The hike, Heybrook Ridge, is 3.3 miles round trip and was perfect for our timing constraints of needing to be back home in Seattle by lunch time so we could tackle our chores.

We arrived at the trail head shortly before 9 am and there were several cars already, but luckily the trail wasn’t really that crowded. There was one large group that consisted of about 12 hikers total. Once we passed them, we were pretty much alone.

We made our way through the trees and when we arrived at the top, were rewarded with snow-capped mountain views. Not bad for a short and sweet 3-miler.

It was cold, in the low 30s when we started, but the sun was making its way out behind the clouds. Blue skies were above us. It was a perfectly clear morning. I’m glad we prioritized the short trek to spend a bit of time in nature together.

With the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes a quick “retreat” like this is just what you need physically and mentally.

It works for me.

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