St. Edwards Park

The fall version of stopping to smell the roses

I don’t talk about it too much here but those who know me know that I have been on-again, off-again injured from running for a few years.

I’m technically cleared to run right now but I haven’t been doing too much of it. 1) Because I just haven’t prioritized it as a bunch of “life stuff” has taken over but more importantly 2) Because my knee still aches when I run, or even while walking sometimes.

On Saturday, I opted to walk the trails of St. Edwards Park, rather than run with Bryce. Usually I get a bit down when I “have to walk” instead of run.

This time, it was different. I actually enjoyed walking.

Fall in Seattle always surprises me — even though I have lived here my whole life — because I forget how beautiful the changing colors of the trees are.

St. Edwards Park

During my walk, the air was crisp and the leaves beneath my shoes were even crisper. Golden trees danced on my sides while I observed beams of radiant sunlight shine through the branches. I found maple leaves that were bigger than my face.


It was peaceful. I only saw one other walker and one mountain biker during my 45-minute walk.

Because I wasn’t zipping along the trails if I had been running, I also noticed several types of mushrooms from tiny clusters of white ones to darker and large ones. I’m not a mushroom forager so I have no idea how to identify any of them, but it was fun to spot a variety!


It was all the equivalent to stopping to smell the roses, fall edition.

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