And the celebrating continues

What a weekend, what a week.

I was excited to be staying home so that we could go to the MLS Cup Final game last weekend where our Seattle Sounders would be taking on Toronto FC.

Any other weekend, I would have rather been traveling to a new city or going on a new adventure.

But, this was the big show!

And, WE WON.

Despite an excruciating first half, we pulled away with the big W with a final score of 3-1.

We celebrated at the game and immediately after with our friends.

Seattle Sounders

We celebrated Tuesday with the parade and rally for the team with the city. (Well, I made it to the rally portion).


And, yesterday, we were able to see the 2016 and 2019 MLS Cups at Woodland Park Zoo. (The Sounders also won back in 2016, which is why there are two cups).

A whole week of celebrating in Seattle.

Well worth it. Go Sounders!

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