staying home

Just another birthday

It was my birthday last week June 8.

And, it felt kind of weird.

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of birthdays. (Well, I love celebrating other people’s birthdays, but don’t care to hype up my own). I’ve had a few jobs in the past where my coworkers never even knew my birthday and honestly, I didn’t mind.

My birthday this year was just like any other birthday, sort of. I was working (from home). I went on a run in the morning. I was lucky enough that our county went into modified Phase 1 just in time for my birthday so I was able to enjoy dinner outside with my family on my parents’ patio. The Seattle weather cooperated (i.e., no rain and it was kind of sunny).

It was my 33rd birthday.

I feel like for the past six months I have had to ask Bryce, “Wait, am I  32 or 33?” because I honestly couldn’t remember how old I was. I guess I’m at the age where I’ve lost track of exactly how old I am.

Either way, it feels weird. We continue to be in a global pandemic. I feel guilty.  I can enjoy my 33rd birthday while Breonna Taylor didn’t live past 26. Obviously, she is not the only one.

This isn’t the first birthday I have felt this way. My childhood friend, Natalie, passed away at 18 from cancer. Every year since, I have felt a sense of guilt or weirdness that I always turn one year older while she remains 18.

However, since I am here on this Earth, I am doing all that I can to be kind, caring, listen and be the best human I can be.

Any other Geminis feel the same way? It probably doesn’t matter what your astrological sign is. I know others feel the same.

Take care, and to my fellow Geminis: Happy (belated) birthday. I know Gemini season is officially over, but, it’s still June. It’s still our birthday month!

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