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How about those COVID dreams?

I know I’m not the only one having COVID nightmares. Or, perhaps just more stressful dreams than normal.

Last month I had a dream where I had invited friends and family to a game night, assuming that they understood it would be a virtual game night. However, everyone showed up at my front door — and invited their friends, and friends of friends! All these people come barging past me, a few stopping to hug me as they entered my house. In my head I am screaming, “You can’t be here! You can’t touch me!” But, no words came out of my mouth.

The next thing I remember is I somehow was able to get everyone to stay in the basement. They played games without me. I guess there were so many people that no one realized I was not present.

When I recounted this dream the next day to my cousin over the phone, she told me she also had a covid dream. Hers was that she was shopping at Costco and her mask fell off and fell to the ground. (She also had this dream before Costco was even enforcing their mask policy).

“And, I wasn’t even done shopping!” she said.

I know some people never “remember” their dreams. Pre-covid, I’d say I would have vivid dreams every once in a while. They’d range from weird to stressful to work-related.

My dreams in the past week have not been so covid-specific as the game night one. But, they have been stressful. One week I had multiple nights in a row of bad dreams. (Of course now as I’m typing this, I can’t remember what exactly any of them were about).

I love to sleep, so it’s kind of a shame when I wake up to unpleasant thoughts.

I’m sure my fellow covid dreamers feel the same way. May we all get some restful and nightmare-free dreams this weekend.




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