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Did you notice this pre-COVID?

I have seen about five or so hummingbirds siting perched on telephone lines during my time in quarantine.

The first time it was while I was getting ready in the morning before going to work (at my dining room table). I was looking out the window and noticed a tiny bird perched on the line outside our house.

From its beak, I thought it looked like a hummingbird but it was an odd sight. Do hummingbirds really just sit on telephone lines so nonchalantly as if they were crows or pigeons? I thought they always flit around from flower to flower.

A few days after this sighting, I was outside and saw another — or the same? — hummingbird on the same exact line in the same exact spot! Just hanging out and sitting there. Since I was outside, I could definitely tell this tiny bird was indeed a hummingbird. This also confirmed that the previous sighting was highly likely a hummingbird.

Several times since both of these sightings, Bryce and I have also spotted hummingbirds sitting on (different) telephone lines while on our evening walks.

“It’s weird how common this is!” I said to him after the fourth or fifth hummingbird-resting-on-telephone-line-sighting.

But as we talked about it, maybe it’s not weird at all. Just like any bird or animal, hummingbirds need to rest, too. Perhaps it’s commonplace for them to perch above on electric lines. It’s just we never observed it before. We weren’t outside as often. We weren’t going on walks every single day for three months.

Was it always like that?

And, this isn’t just happening with hummingbirds — which, by the way, I’m not only noticing perched on lines, but I also see more often just hovering around in our yard. Again, I am probably just seeing them “all the time” because I am literally home all the time. Also, my “office” desk at the dining room table looks right out into the backyard.

The other evening when Bryce and I were (surprise, surprise!) at home, he asked me if the neighbor’s dog barks a lot for its usually obedient breed. In the moment of his question, we could hear her crying.

“Ummm, I’m not sure,” I said.

“It just seems like the dog is always barking,” Bryce replied back.

“We probably just think she is always barking because we are always home to hear it now.”

Because the thing is, pre-Covid, I never would have thought that this neighbor’s dog barked a lot. I honestly never really noticed it.

Being home all the time and having “more” time, a person just observes more.

Have I always been like this?

Hummingbird activity and neighborhood noises isn’t just it. I have noticed differences more, uh, personal.

Pre-Covid, I usually would find one white hair atop my heard every few months. I have jet black hair so they can be pretty noticeable. I’d always pluck the strand out and not think much of it. It’s just what getting older is about, right?

Now, however, I am finding white hairs quite often. They are no longer in their “typical” spots either. Last week while combing through my hair, I noticed four short white hairs sticking straight up in the middle of where I part my hair!

That’s new, I thought and sighed as I plucked them out. I then proceeded to show Bryce all four hairs, screaming “More new whites!”

Have I always had more than “just a few” white and grey hairs hidden among my dark locks? I just never knew since I didn’t sit at home staring into the bathroom mirror looking for them? Quite possibly, yes.

Then again, has all this stress caused me to go grey?? Highly likely.

What have you noticed that you never had before quarantine? What’s your hummingbird?


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