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Welcome to May — but also losing track of time

Today is the first of May.

I have no idea how May has already snuck up on us.

Time seems to go by both quickly and slowly during quarantine.

I know that the days go by, yet a part of me still feels like it should still be February.

I went on a run yesterday morning and despite it being sunny outside when I started my run before 8 am, I still wore a long sleeve shirt. It made sense as I was getting dressed. However, I immediately regretted this decision as it was so warm out.

I’ve forgotten that now is the time of year when you don’t have to layer up as much. It’s getting warmer — even in Seattle.

Now it’s officially May and sooner than we know it, it will be summer.

We all just want to “get to the end” of this. It’s weird though because we really don’t know when that will be.

What does “end” even mean anymore? It’s now very clear that we can’t return “to normal” all at once.

When the virus first broke in the United States, we all assumed we’d be back to normal by the summer. That we could go back to the office. That we could go on those summer family vacations.

Now what though?

We wait. We be the most patient we have ever been in our lives.

And, welcome May.

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