cherry blossoms
seattle, staying home

Spring is still “on”

The one positive of social distancing and staying home is that I have been walking around wayyyy more.

I had been training for a marathon but once my May race announced that it had (understandably) canceled the event, I lost motivation to keep training. I’m still running, just not double-digit-mileage runs anymore.

I’m running some, and walking more.

Walking allows me to notice things I never paid attention to before. Like, that one house that has a totem pole carved out of a former tree in their yard! Actually, this was something I pointed out to Bryce on an afternoon walk where he showed me his new walking route. He was actually the one who had never noticed this totem pole despite walking right by it multiple times!

SeattleBut also, I am noticing spring.

Since I’m walking every day, I’m paying attention to the new daffodils that are blooming in my neighbors’ yards — some are all yellow and some have the bright orange centers. You know, the orange that is the same as a hard boiled egg yolk can sometimes get?

I am hearing more birds chirping. I am smelling the fresh-cut grass. I have watched the cherry trees on the corner turn full pink or white.

Seattle cherry trees

Bryce also showed me a row of cherry trees that line one street. It’s not very far from where we live that I was surprised I never knew about it! It’s pretty because of the trees but it is also a nice, peaceful street that I think I will frequent after the cherry tree blooms have fallen.

We’ve been really lucky in Seattle that the past few weeks have been sunny and beautiful. I’ve stopped walking on a bike/running trail near my neighborhood because it has gotten too crowded to successfully keep to the six-feet-apart rule. I mean, I guess I could wake up really early to walk or run there, but … I’ll keep to the side streets and stay off the popular paths.

cherry blossoms

Rain is on the docket for the rest of the week’s forecast. I’ll still keep walking — and noticing spring.

Because, in all this uncertainty, spring is still “on.”

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