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This travel blog is on pause

The other day a friend asked me if I had been blogging about my experiences with the COVID-19 outbreak. I hadn’t really thought to.

I mean, my last post was about it. But, I hadn’t planned to continue writing about it here.

On my nightstand, I recently revived my paper journal to write down at least three things that were positive or that I was grateful for from the day before I go to sleep. But, that’s just for me.

Now I’m here to share my thoughts, feelings, observations with you all.

Sure, I have lots of travel content that is just waiting to be produced. Remember my trip to Japan a few months ago? I still have a list of outings and fun things that happened during those two weeks that I want to write and share. I have three drafts saved on my blog of travel posts I started to write before the Wuhan virus, renamed Coronavirus, and now called COVID-19, consumed all of our lives.

Now it seems silly to write about those travels. It seems weird to focus my attention on those good times. In fact, I’m not even in the mood to reflect on those vacations right now.

So, I’m hitting pause on travel blogging. I hope you’ll stay with me here though. Because once life returns to normalcy, we all otter travel — more. And, I’ll continue to write about my travels, past and present, once again.

4 thoughts on “This travel blog is on pause”

  1. I completely understand why you feel this way. For me, as much as it does feel strange writing about ‘holidays’ during this strange and worrying time, blogging is reminding me about what I have to look forward to, when we can begin to travel again. For now, I will continue to write about my experiences because I’m hoping others will feel inspired to go to the places that I’ve enjoyed seeing, when we feel safe to travel again.

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