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Looking to Tokyo 2020

Ever since it was announced that Tokyo would be the host city of the next summer Olympics, I’ve been going around telling friends and family that I will be there.

Whenever it’s come up in conversation — which happens often when I’m the one starting the conversation — Bryce and I exclaim in union: Tokyo 2020! Tokyo 2020!

We’ve said, “Come with us to Tokyo 2020!” numerous times to our friends who have sparked even a remote interest in it. Which is always quickly followed by me saying, “We can all stay at my grandma’s house!”

We usually get a reply that is something like “Wait, you guys are being serious?”


And, the only way to show one’s seriousness in going to the Olympics is by first entering the lottery to purchase event tickets. As runners, we put in requests for a few track and field events, or “Athletics” as it’s called at the Olympics. And Bryce being the soccer fanatic that he is, for soccer as well. Other events we requested were volleyball and rugby.

Honestly, I’ll be happy with any event we are able to get tickets for! We’ll find out next month if we’ll be able to purchase tickets for our events through the lottery system.

I’m also committed to get to Tokyo 2020 one way or another. Because hey, there are certain events you can view for free. Like, speed walking and just along the marathon course!

My parents keep saying Tokyo will be so hot in the summer. The crowds will be crazy, they have added. “Why do you want to go so badly?” my mom has asked.

I’m sure they will change their minds.

Tokyo 2020, we’re getting ready!

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