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The honeymoon is not over

“It must be hard to be back to normal life,” my dental hygienist said to me as I had a mouthful of water sloshing around.

My whole family goes to the same dentist. Yes, my mom, dad, brother and my husband! My husband also recently referred a friend to our dentist so I guess we’re just getting EVERYONE to see her. What can I say? I have a really good dentist, who has a great team of dental hygienists. I have been seeing my dentist for my entire life, so 31 years, and I’ll let anyone in North Seattle know!

But, back to my original story.

I was in the chair at my dentist’s office while the hygienist asked about my wedding and New Zealand honeymoon. (Since my whole family sees the same dentist, the entire office knew about my July wedding and New Zealand trip six months later!)

The hygienist said how it must be depressing to be back now that the wedding and the honeymoon are both over.

I honestly thought I would be sadder, too.

But, I’m not!

Bryce and I joke almost on a daily basis that “the honeymoon is not over!” Even on nights when we hardly spend time with each other because he has to coach Ultimate, or something else comes up, I still yell “the honeymoon is not over!” as one of us heads out the door.

One thing that keeps my spirits up is looking forward to summer. I don’t have any big summer travel plans but I want to have as many weekend getaways and camping trips as I can with both Bryce and friends.

You may think that it’s too early to plan for summer when some streets in my neighborhood still have clumps of snow, but it’s not! Summer in the Pacific Northwest is wonderful and with that, popular. I wanted to reserve a camp site out on Kalaloch, which is on the Olympic Peninsula, but guess why I didn’t? All weekend camp sites from May to September are all booked!

So, now is definitely the time to start thinking and planning for summer weekends.

The honeymoon is not over.



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