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Do you know where pineapples come from?

Seven years ago, when Bryce and I went to Hawaii for the first time together, I learned that he didn’t know where pineapples come from.

By where they “come from,” I specifically mean how pineapples are grown. He always assumed pineapples grew on trees, just like, well, apples. This thinking does make sense. But, as someone who was a PhD candidate in physics, I was surprised that he didn’t know that pineapples did not in fact grow on trees. (If you noticed I said he “was” a PhD candidate, it’s because he is now a full-fledged PhD.)

My dad is from Hawaii so I have been to Hawaii more times than I can count. Pineapples growing out of the ground was just something I always knew and never thought twice about it. And, now Bryce was going to make sure our baby would also know how pineapples are grown. It was the “one thing” he wanted to do while we were in Hawaii last month.

On Oahu, the Dole Plantation is where everyone (OK, tourists,) go to check out the pineapples. It was off season when we visited but we still saw a few small pineapples starting to grow. The nice thing is that if all you want to do is walk around and see some pineapples, you don’t even have to pay. So, that’s what we did. (You do have to pay for all the “add-ons” like the pineapple maze and train ride.)

“Baby pineapple!” our own baby said as she saw one of the small, pink pineapples growing from the ground. They basically look like they are growing from a stocky-leafed bush.

We watched people feed the koi in the nearby pond and also watched the little train go by with riders. Other than pointing at the pineapples, the highlight for our baby was probably all the chickens and roosters out in the parking lot and picnic area. I do not like birds, but hey, to each their own. She is obviously welcome to have her own likes and interests that differ from mine. But, seriously, if you ever go to Dole, just watch your back if you decide to have a picnic lunch at one of the tables in the grassy area.

Before we left, we bought a coconut from the vendor out front. I know, I know … we went to Dole and didn’t get the Dole Whip? We had plans to get shave ice later in the day so I figured some fresh coconut water wouldn’t fill me up. We ended up not even being able to finish all of it and had to pour some of it into Tupperware we had from our lunch we packed.

Our baby will obviously not remember this visit to the pineapple plantation but we love introducing her to new experiences and things. I’m sure once she is old enough to start remembering things long term, we will go back to Dole when we visit Hawaii. And, next time I will get the Dole Whip.

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