New year, same me

I somehow am having a hard time coming to terms that it is already 2023. I can’t keep up.

I had my 2022 travel year in review blog post started and saved as a draft. It never got finished. I’ll just say that last year was all about travel for my family and I. After not doing any air travel for 2+ years, it was nice to finally be back at it. It was especially special because both trips we took via airplane were both to visit family we had not seen since before the pandemic times. We introduced baby to air travel last year and she, um, puts up with it.

I can’t promise I will publish timely blog posts on my travels this year, but I will try harder to. I know I have a lot of catch-up to do on our Japan trip from the fall. (Yes, the trip was three months ago …) I also have some fun — and “fun” — things to say about our road trip to the Oregon Coast last week. Who knows, if I feel really inspired, maybe I will write about some things I have put on the backburner of travels even further back. We shall see.

Whether you are one to set new years resolutions/goals, or more like to go with the flow, I hope your year is off to a good start. Now, excuse me while I figure out whether my next blog post will be about Japan or the Oregon Coast.

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