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Can’t keep up with summer

Even as a 35-year-old (mother of a 1-year-old), I still get mild anxiety when I see all the “Back to School!” ads. The “Back to School! Back to Cool!” ones just make me eyeroll. (Note: neither my 1-year-old nor myself are going back to school.)

How is it already August?

How is it already back-to-school time?

How are the nights already getting shorter?

How is summer “over”?

We had our heat wave in Seattle last week so it felt like summer was just heating up — ha ha, yes, I got them dad jokes, too! — but now it’s time for me to decide what my kid is going to wear for Halloween and what Christmas presents to buy for family?

We have some upcoming fall travel plan(s) but I am drastically behind in spring and summer blog posts.

I feel like I am always writing these “I’m here still! I’ll write more soon!” posts. I really do mean it. I’m not trying to be all Seattle Freeze on you even though it may feel like it. (Oh gosh, this is exactly what a Seattleite would say, huh?)

As my coworkers often say: More to come!

(Yes, you may insert your eyerolls here now.)

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