Pacific Northwest

Always take advantage of good weather

The weather forecast for last Saturday was supposed to be “good.” For Pacific Northwesterners, this means no rain. We decided to take full advantage of this by driving 60 miles north of Seattle to Camano Island. (Baby’s first time on an island, check!)

While Camano Island is technically an island, you don’t have to go by boat because there is a bridge that connects it to the mainland. Last time we were here, (before baby was born), we hiked both state parks on a sunny, windy (and off-and-on rainy) day.

This time we opted to just explore one park, Cama Beach State Park. It was high tide but it was nice to walk along the beach. It was in the middle of the afternoon but with some pink in the sky behind the clouds, it felt like sunset. There were a number of other families — and dogs — out. There were even three guys enjoying a dip in the frigid water!

There are a bunch of tiny cabins at Cama Beach that you can rent out. Even for winter, it looked like most (all?) were booked. Some of them even had a sign that they are dog-friendly so maybe next time we will have to come back for a longer stay!

Despite having to clean up a throw-up incident — any guesses if it was a dog, baby or adult? — on the drive home, the day trip was worth it. I love living in the city of Seattle but it is nice to get out of town and enjoy the water, mountains and fresh air.

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