seattle, staying home

A quarantine on top of quarantine

The West Coast is on fire.

It’s been more than a week of very smokey air in Seattle from all the wildfires. We’re “lucky” since it’s even worse in Oregon and California. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to have to leave your house because you were in danger from the fires.

With extremely hazardous smoke, it means that on top of already being quarantined because of the pandemic, now we are actually stuck at home. My outlet of running outside is not an option. It’s not even safe to be out walking.

Pre-pandemic when you would be scrolling through social media, you’d be envious or jealous of somewhere “fun” someone is, or that they are partaking in an exciting-looking activity or gathering. Or, at least that’s how sometimes I felt. Now I am just jealous of friends and strangers on the other side of the country — or world — who can safely be outside. I miss just walking in the neighborhood. (My puppy needs her outside time, too! Oh, yes, I owe you a blog post about my new pup. I promise I’ll get to that soon).

It’s September and while usually September signifies a “new year” for me, currently all I can think about is when it will rain next … and the current/future state of the country but I digress …

Yes, even though I haven’t been in school for more than a decade, there is this feeling I get about how September can be a time to reflect on things you still want to accomplish or even start to work on before the year ends.

Maybe once the smoke clears up and this double quarantine is over, I’ll be in a better headspace to think about some goals I have and want to accomplish the rest of the year.

Wear a real outfit that excludes sweats or yoga pants?

OK, I’ll think bigger.

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