seattle, staying home

The little things

I went on a run Friday morning.

I have hardly been running these days, but that is not what I came to write about.

As I shuffled my feet, I crossed paths with an older man walking with a camera that had a huge lens slung over his shoulder. He wore a utility vest and hat. I guessed that he was a birdwatcher/photographer.

Before I had a chance to smile, he enthusiastically said “Hello!”

I replied, “Hi!” with more than six feet between the two of us.

Then I was surprised because he continued:

“How are you?”

“Good, thanks. How about you?”


I was clearly running slow enough where there was time for this exchange. It was a pleasant surprise.

Often times when I am out walking or running in the neighborhood, if I am not going by a neighbor I already know, the other person usually looks away or doesn’t say anything.

Just the simple interaction with this stranger made my morning.

Never forget how the little things can make a difference — for yourself, and for others.

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