staying home

An office stuck in time

I had to go into the office to pick up my work badge the other day. It was my first time back in four months.

It was weird because as much as I enjoy working from home (no commute, not having to wear real pants …) I had a tinge of sadness as I walked through our empty work space.

No chatter. No clickity-clicks of keyboards. No signs of any activity.

There was also an eerie feeling as I saw calendar desks that were stuck at March. When I got to my desk, I thought about changing my calendar to July, but then figured it would soon be outdated again. I also thought about bringing my calendar home with me but seeing that I am working at my dining table, there isn’t really anywhere to place the calendar and I already have a hanging calendar in my kitchen.

I grabbed my badge and also saw a Post-It note left by a coworker that said, “G was here 6/15” with a cute otter sticker. What a nice and thoughtful surprise!

As I quickly assessed my work station, I realized a pair of shoes I had been looking for at home had been left under my desk! (Yes, I left them and completely forgot!) I grabbed my shoes, locked up and headed on my way.

It almost felt like I was never there.


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