Seattle Freeze
seattle, staying home

Are Seattleites “unfreezing” during this pandemic?

The boy raised his hand quickly to wave at us with a half smile.

Bryce and I drove by, and I waved back.

I was surprised that this kid who had been playing basketball in the street had 1) moved over for us and 2) waved at us, even if it was brief.

We were heading home after stopping at my parents’ house. Don’t worry, we talked to my parents through their screen door, clearly standing more than six feet away from the house.

This boy’s gesture hadn’t been the first time I noticed a friendly action from a stranger.

When I’ve been on walks or runs in my neighborhood, I’ve had others wave, smile or even greet me with a “good morning” or “hi.”

Seattle Freeze

This is not the Seattle I am used to.

I’m born and raised in the emerald city. I know all about the Seattle Freeze. Three weeks ago if I were out on a run, if I had said “hi” to a passerby, I’d be luckily if I got a smile back because usually people don’t even verbally respond back.

It’s a different atmosphere now.

We are all acknowledging each other while trying to stay out of each other’s way.

It’s endearing. It’s nice. It’s weird.

It’s the new normal. And, a bit odd for this Seattleite.

But, I’ll gladly accept the wave, holler or smile.

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