seattle, United States

Seattle love letter

I wrote my “Seattle love letter” for a contest last year to win an annual pass to the Columbia Tower. I’m sharing my love letter this Valentine’s day because the words still hold true — and, to hopefully shed some light on why I can’t leave this city, my hometown. (P.S., I won the contest!)

—– —– —– —–
Dear Seattle,

                We’ve had quite the long-term relationship, huh? You have taught me so much throughout my childhood and into adulthood.

                That rain can be calming and pretty. That our summers are the best. That when it snows, it is magical. That our nearby mountains are beautiful. That while the Seattle Freeze may be real, our people are kind, adventurous and very smart! That even when our traffic gets worse and worse, I could never leave you.

                Because, Seattle, you are my home. The smell of Puget Sound makes my heart skip a beat. I will forever root for the Mariners. My favorite cherries are Rainiers. And, just like you, I love a good drizzle.

                You’ve done a lot of growing during my life time but the past three decades have been the best. I am happy I have been able to grow with you. The city may be changing and not be the Seattle that this “Swedish baby” was born into, but I am lucky to live here. I am lucky to call you my home. My love for you will never cease.

                Thank you and happy Valentine’s day,



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